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Welcome to – the new online gifting tool that takes the guesswork out of giving and the disappointment out of receiving!

Are you fed up with getting gifts that aren’t quite you or are you always struggling to buy someone the right gift with never enough time to do it?

We were, that’s why we created

We believe that gift buying and receiving is a deeply personal experience unique to each one of us and thought there had to be a better way than leaving it to chance every time.

We wanted a super easy to use and flexible tool that let us keep everything we love in one beautiful place and then share it to make sure we’re never disappointed again.

This is - where people post and share the gift ideas they’d love

From a must-have dress to that favourite fragrance, it’ll show them exactly what you want most.


Or it could be a few clues so they can use their imagination – wouldn’t it be great to get those surprise chocolates from your favourite chocolatier?


Either way, you’ll be unwrapping something you want, rather than something you’ll want to take back!

Let them know what you love. And what you don’t!

When it comes to letting them know what you want, you can be obvious and share your gift lists.


Or be creative and share your gift clues – we’re all different so it’s down to your imagination!


You decide what you share with who and what you keep to yourself.


And don’t forget, it’s also a great place to list all those favourite ‘must have’ things for when you want to treat yourself…

Buying the perfect present every time makes it simple to find the right gifts to buy for other people as well.


Just imagine knowing what all your family and friends want for Christmas this year – all in one great place.


That’s a weight off your mind!

The flexible gifting tool

You can set up as many lists or clues as you want for yourself.


Set up separate lists for say your children ready for their next birthday and avoid all those calls with the relatives asking what they should buy.


There’s no need to worry about getting repeat gifts either – we’ll show which items on a list are still available (and those that aren’t).

Organising your lists

It’s super simple to manage your lists:

  • create, edit and delete as many lists as you want
  • move and copy items between lists
  • seen something on a friends list that you want? One click and it’s added to one of your lists
  • “favourite” lists and follow friends to make them easy to find
  • use tags so you and your friends can sort and filter items on a list
  • check your shopping list to see what you’ve already bought and for who
  • share only what you want to – everything else is completely private

There’s a lot to discover once you start using

If you’re not already part of the new gifting revolution, why not sign up today and start creating your own lists and clues, and let everyone know what you’d love! Or check out our How it works and Frequently asked questions to learn more. 

Happy Gifting!