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The best alternative gifts to chocolate eggs this Easter

Choose some alternative gift ideas this Easter

When it comes to Easter, one of the first things that people think about is chocolate eggs. But this may not always be the perfect idea. Sometimes we can all feel overwhelmed with the amount of chocolate that we have in our cupboards after Easter is finished. Especially if we have children.
So, why not ask for something a little bit different this Easter? With a little help from your friends here at you can put together an alternative gift list, showcasing some of the different gifts that you would love the Easter Bunny to bring.


Alternative gift ideas for kids

You will be hard pressed to find a kid out there who doesn’t love chocolate. Whilst it is a lovely treat, at Easter it can become a little too much for even their sweet tooth to bear. Why not take a look at what other gifts they may just love this Easter?


A cuddly bunny

Cuddly Easter bunny soft toy

Who doesn’t love a cuddly toy? Why not get on board the Easter train by treating them to a cuddly bunny for Easter? On the run up to Easter there are a variety of gorgeous little rabbits all around!

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A boiled egg set

Children's boiled egg gift set

Not all eggs have to be made from chocolate. Children love a good runny egg and soldiers too. Why not treat them to a bright and colourful boiled egg set for Easter? A gift that is going to last for years to come.

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An Easter craft kit

Children's Easter craft kit

Kids can get bored during any school holidays. Easter is just another one to think about. Buying them an Easter craft kit is not only fun for them to do, but also is a big help to the grown ups too! A treat for all.

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Alternative gift ideas for grown ups

It isn’t only children that get treats at Easter, the grown-ups do too. Are you on a diet? Not sure that you want cupboards full of sweet treats? These gifts make the ideal alternative.



Blossoming roses

Easter is a sign that spring is in full swing. So why not embrace this better weather by asking for a beautiful plant for Easter. A great idea are rose bushes, which are not only beautiful but are hard wearing too. Meaning that they will survive way past when all the chocolate has been eaten.

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An egg poacher

Yellow egg poacher

No, we are not being sarcastic now. The idea of having a perfectly poached egg is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. So why not treat a grown up you know to their very own egg poacher. Not only is it in keeping with the “egg” theme but it also is a useful kitchen utensil that they will be able to use for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

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Hopefully these lists have inspired you to come up with some alternative gift ideas this Easter. Why not pay us a visit at and put your very own list together? You never know what you might find on Easter Sunday!