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Great umbrella ideas to keep you dry in style this Autumn

The summer's over - it's time to treat yourself to a new umbrella!

If there’s one thing that we all know in the UK, it’s that the summers here can be short lived. Whilst we all enjoy those glorious days when the sun is shining, the truth is that the rainy days are only just around the corner. At the moment, it seems that there are plenty of rainy days coming our way which means that it’s probably about time that you thought about investing in a new umbrella.

Here at My Gift Clues we want to make sure that every one of our customers stays dry and so, with this in mind, we have put together some of the best umbrellas that you need to battle those rain clouds.


Heart Umbrella

Heart shaped red umbrella

Do you think of yourself as a bit of a romantic? Why not wear your heart on your sleeve with this awesome heart shaped umbrella? Bold and colourful it is not only a way to keep dry on those rain days, but also is a bit of a style statement too. It boasts a fibreglass frame which makes it windproof and has an ergonomically designed handle with a hand protector to. This means that not only is it a gorgeous umbrella, but it’s one that is functional too!


Fulton Funbrella Union Jack Umbrella for Kids

 Union jack print umbrella

Who says that only adults need umbrellas? Our kids need to keep dry too. This umbrella is not only made to the highest quality but is the ideal size for little hands. Featuring a transparent dome shape, it keeps them nice and dry, whilst the Union Jack print is bold and eye catching. Best of all it’s easy to put up and down and is lightweight which means that they can hold it themselves!


Susino Clear Dome Umbrella – Flamingo

 Flamingo print umbrella

It seems that flamingos are a bit of a fashion trend right now and, for those that love these awesome pink birds, you will be pleased to know that this trend has spread to umbrellas too. Not only does this umbrella feature a bold flamingo print and a bright pink handle but it also comes with a clear see through panel style which is another popular fashion choice. It is lightweight and easy to put up and best of all it can be easily folded away to be carried around ready for the next downpour!


Lindy Lou Rainbow Pagoda shaped umbrella in a rainbow of colours

 Pagoda shaped rainbow print umbrella

Looking for an umbrella that is a little bit different? This ladies umbrella is not only unique in its design but also bright and colourful too. Elegant and incredibly chic, this is the type of umbrella that a trendsetting lady will need to carry. It features a fibreglass frame which is great in the wind and offers not only 100% rain protection but also 95% UV protection too - just in case the nice weather does come back again!


So, there you have it, some great ideas to get your creativity flowing when it comes to umbrellas and facing the grey days ahead. Whether it’s something tiny that you can hide away in your bag or something big and protective that makes a real statement, there is always an umbrella for you. One thing to remember; once you have made your choice you’ll feel so much better about singing in the rain!