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Fantastic Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buying gifts for people isn’t easy!

Especially if it’s for the type of person who is difficult to buy for. Well, is the answer to your troubles - a website designed to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

You can make and share lists with specific items on them of things you’d love to have or leave clues so it’s still a surprise but guaranteed to please. Either way, your nearest and dearest can pick something that will make you smile everytime.

If you are stuck for inspiration on what to add to your list, or if you need some help finding the ideal gift, we are here to help. We have put together a lists of inspiring gift ideas for Christmas. Hopefully giving you an idea of something for everyone!


The Selfie Mic

Teenage girl with selfie mike

Are you a teen who is a little obsessed with the world of Why not unleash your inner pop star and add this fun and funky selfie mic to your list?

Add to your list from:


A Yankee Candle

Picture of Yankee candles on display

There is nothing better than a beautiful smelling home. This may be why Yankee Candles have become more and more popular. These luxury candles come in a variety of fragrances. So, if you add them to your list, make sure that you hint towards your favourite fragrances.

Add to your list from:


Magazine subscriptions

Assorted magazines

Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps giving? Magazine subscriptions are a great one to have on your list. Not only do you have a great gift but you also have something to look forward to for the next 12 months!

Find the best magazine subscriptions to add to your list from: 


DVD box sets

Contemporary movie images

Is there a box set on your ‘must-have’ list? If there is, then make sure it’s saved on this year’s Christmas list. These are perfect to keep you occupied for the period between Christmas and New Year! The guys over at have a fantastic list of DVD’s to suite any taste that you could add to your list:


Light up Letter Box 

Lit up messages

One of the most popular home design pieces of 2016, these light up letter boxes are not only fun, but incredibly stylish too. Want to illuminate your home? Make sure that these are added to your list.

Add to your list from: 


Perfume or aftershave

Various perfumes on display

The fragrance that you wear is something particularly personal to you. However, it also makes for a great gift. Why not add your favourite perfume to your list and see if it makes its way into your stocking?

The guys over at The Perfume Shop have a fantastic range of perfumes and aftershaves to add to your list: 


The perfect handbag

Display of different handbag styles

Now this is firmly aimed at the ladies. Ask yourself, can you trust the man in your life to buy the perfect handbag for you? The answer is likely to be no. So, if you think that he is accessory challenged, it may be time to drop that big hint and make sure he buys the right one. have a stunning range of handbags that you could browse through to add to your list:


An experience, event or festival

Celebratory crowd

Saving up to go to a festival, concert or other event can be costly. Especially if you are a teenager or student. If you like the idea of camping in a field for a weekend and making memories to last a lifetime but can’t afford the tickets, then why not add this onto your gift list and see if someone feels kind enough to get you a ticket? There are some fantastic festivals coming up in 2017!

The guys over at Skiddle have come across a range of fantastic events for you to browse through


So, if you want to make sure that you have the exact gifts that you'd love this Christmas, why not put together your very own wish list on and share it on Facebook and Twitter?


Head to and let your loved ones know what you would really like under your tree this year!