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[[alerts.warning]] is for life, not just for Christmas! (or Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Valentine’s Day...) - so much more than just another wish list!

OK, so you’ve got that perfect gift sorted thanks to - fantastic, great job!

But there’s so much more to than just another online wish list. Yes, giving and receiving great gifts is the best thing ever and it’s super easy with but just think what else you could use it for:

  • Want to keep a list of all those things you find on the web but just aren’t ready to buy yet? Then create an “Interested in” list and start saving all those items you keep discovering before they get forgotten and lost forever!
  • And don’t forget to make up that “Feel Good” list with all those things you’d love maybe someday - just looking at that list will make you feel better!
  • Fed up of searching the web every time you need to replace that widget for the thingymebob at home? Then create a “Household” list for all those boring items that need replacing every so often and hey presto, next time one click is all you need to re-order! Your domestic skills have just soared to another level and that means more time to spend on your “Feel Good” list!
  • Got a hobby or sport that you’re passionate about? Create a page of all your favourite items, add notes and keep track of all the latest stuff in one great place – now that’s cool! Share with other enthusiasts and build up an awesome reference page!
  • Got a project you’re working on? can help save all those snippets of advice, links and images from the web or your cameral roll. Share it with others and get their feedback to help it really take off!

In fact, you can use MyGiftClues for just about anything you want to store and organise from the web, the High Street or just about anywhere - all in one beautiful place.

There’s a lot more to MyGiftClues than great gifts, but we still think that’s the best part!

There’s a lot to discover at – dive in today and take control of your gifting world!


Happy Gifting!