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Tis the Season for.....Travel

I don’t know about you but every year, before my holiday, I dig out my old, dusty cases from the back of the cupboard and long for fresh, new luggage! As always there isn’t time to research and buy what I actually want as I’ve left packing til the night before!

This year I’m going to do the research first and add my favourite luggage to my wish list on

That way I might get treated to it, but if not I can buy it for myself in plenty of time for my trip! MyGiftClues is a great place to save items that you want– even if it’s only for planning to buy them yourself later!

With airlines getting stricter and stricter about the size of carry on cases, I really want a case that is airline approved in size. Here’s a super lightweight one I found from which comes in rose gold – very on trend!


For hold luggage I’m thinking a personalised case would be so much easier to find on the luggage carosel! These ones can be completely personalised and look very fun – what a great idea!



Next on my list are packing cubes – there are pictures of these everywhere and they claim to revolutionise our lives – anything that makes my packing more organised is a winner with me!

These ones look great: Packing cubes They include different size cubes as well as useful pouches – perfect to stop me loosing small items in my case!





Finally, I really want some luggage scales so I don’t have to play guessing games with the weight of my case!

These ones look perfect as they are lightweight and digital.


Finally, don’t forget to add some clues to your favourite colours on so if you are lucky enough to be bought your luggage it will be in your favourite colour not someone elses!

Here’s to happy travels all Summer long!