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The perfect gifts to add to your list for Valentine’s Day?

Thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts are hard to buy! 

Despite your partner being the love of your life, there is a good chance that they may not be the best at buying gifts! Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day in the year, it celebrates everything that is great about love, and allows us all to spoil those who are most important in our lives.

But, the endless red roses and heart shaped chocolates can become a bit tiring year after year. That is where can help!

Our website is a gift hint website and, thanks to us, you can put together a list of the things that you would love to get on Valentine’s Day and send it to your partner so that they can go out and get it for you.

So, what to pick? We have put together what we think might just be the most perfectly thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts out there!


Silver Love Heart

Love Hearts are a popular and tasty little sweet, but receiving them for Valentine’s Day may leave you feeling a little flat. Have you seen the more grown-up version with this Silver Love Heart? It may be small but it is beautiful, and it is definitely something that you will treasure for years to come.


Personalised Gin O Clock Set

Are you the kind of person who looks forward to the idea of Gin O Clock? Why not pop a fully personalised set on your list? That way, no matter what time it is, you can always be sure that you enjoy a spot of Gin with this lovely set.


USB Mix Tape

Do you ever get the feeling that your partner doesn’t quite put enough thought into their gifts? Why not drop the hint that you want a little more effort with this USB Mix Tape? They can fill it with songs that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it beats flowers picked up from the garage on the way home everytime!



Now for a gift that is a little bit different. Pioneered by NASA the EcoSphere is ideal if you love the idea of creating and nurturing living things. A fully sealed and enclosed ecosystem each of these amazing spheres last around 3 years. They don’t take too much care, all you need to do is keep it in indirect light (both natural and artificial) so it's perfect for your desk!


An experience day

It may seem like a more obvious gift but, for many of us, the idea of simply spending some time together for Valentine’s Day is enough to make us smile. So why not add in an experience day to your list and make sure your loved one knows they're invited too?


Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, so why not make sure that you unwrap something you really want this year and drop the hint for some pretty amazing gifts, thanks to