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Create an online scrapbook of all your favourite things and leave a trail of visual clues hinting at your ideal presents. Then click to share with friends and family. It makes shopping easier for them and means you get the perfect surprise!

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We hope you enjoyed your treasure trail box and chocolates. We are very pleased that you're interested in the unique idea of creating your own treasure trove of favourite things to share with others. On this page you'll find links to downloadable press releases and images and a ready made wish list to use as inspiration. Thank you for your time and we very much look forward to working with you.

Sarah and Alex Gow, founders


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Sarahs 2016 list


PRESS RELEASE - The secret to getting the perfect gift this Valentine's Day has revealed the secret to getting the perfect Valentine’s gift. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective – tell your partner what you want. But rather than specifying exact items and almost doing the shopping for them, there is a new way to leave hints. is an innovative and free wish list site that allows you to leave a trail of visual clues hinting at your favourite things; meaning you still get a surprise at the end... Read more


PRESS RELEASE - Mother's Day wishes come true with

Evidence shows that mums are often having to organise their own Mother’s Day treats and that there is a clear disparity between what children plan to buy their mum and what mums actually want. This year, a free website,, is helping mothers get the recognition they deserve on their special day... Read more